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Welcome to the professional home of the Seabreeze Group LLC, located on the New Jersey shore

We specialize in providing first quality gifts and novelties to markets which are underserved. We are open to licensing any of our products and offers of joint venture, if properly defined, providing they allow for win/win opportunities.

Our premiere holding is currently the product line for Happy Father's Day Mom, which is reperesented, among other places at the website Happy Fatherís Day, Momô. This site specializes in the sale of custom products to be used as gifts for Single Moms on Fathers Day. Completely unique and protected by a vigorously enforced trademark, nobody serves this market as well as we do.

Another of our well served markets is in motivational items, specifically, Motivational Mugs, where motivational mugs are sold for graduation gifts, promotion gifts, motivational gifts and especially for military hail and farewells. They are sold primarily through the website Motivational Mugs.com, and can be viewed at Motivational Mugs. Motivational Mugs has served thousands of customers from such varied walks of life as military leaders, teachers, recent graduates and more.

Our current holdings include a great professional services site, Masterful Resumes where professional resumes are producted at reasonable prices by experts with more than 25 years of experience. You can look at that at Masterful Resumes, where the entire offering is explained.

For the sports enthusiast we created a site called Baseball Quote Mugs, where the more colorful quotes from baseball stars and announcers are forever immortalized on quality mugs. If you have a baseball fan in your life, visit this unique site. Baseball Quote Mugs has some very unique gifts.

Just recently added to our portfolio is a great site called Catholic Mugs. This site offers quality merchandise with catholic sayings, inside jokes about growing up catholic, going to school and other great conversation starters. The Catholic Mug Store has a variety of mugs that really make for fantastic gifts for those who have lived the Catholic experience.

Entrepeneur Mugs, the newest addition to our portfolio, offers quality mugs adorned with quotes about success, life, risk and reward and make a perfect gift for the entrepeneur in your life. Consider visiting, Entrepeneur Mugs for the some astounding gifts unique for our customers.

Laughing Mugs, is one of the more creative sites we own at present. We all get those silly pictures and sayings on facebook, bujt our idea was to take them and create mugs from them. They make great gifts for friends and coworkers and are not really found anywhere else. Consider visiting, Laughing Mugs for the some astounding gifts unique for our customers.

Entrepeneur Mugs, one of the newest additions to our portfolio, offers quality items adorned with items designed to serve the single Dad, doing it all, raising their kids on their own. Consider visiting, Happy Mothers Day Dad for the some astounding gifts not found in other places. We alone serve this market.

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